Today’s Residential Real Estate Demand

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The motivation to buy or sell a home is still in high demand, regardless of COVID-19. Life continues to go on for most, and home buyers and sellers are no exception. The good news is, they need each other to accomplish this task.  Even though travel limitations have affected the ability of some home buyers and sellers to see their new home (sellers still need to buy), the industry has come up with alternatives ways to make these goals happen safely. Virtual resources have become a popular way for buyers to view homes. For example, 3D virtual tours allow a buyer to walk through a home virtually.  Facetime has also become a popular virtual resource. Virtual tools are not new to the industry, they just play a more valuable role now, than they have in the past. Real estate vendors also play a valuable role in getting purchase transactions to the closing table. The purchase transactions would not close without them. Fortunately, real estate agents, lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, attorneys, surveyors, contractors, to name a few, have found a safe way to conduct business. Everyone's quick adaptability to these alternative ways of conducting business is a contributing factor to the high demand that remains in the residential real estate business today.

Cherie Rice